Overview Of The Present Scenario

We don’t know your story, but we definitely know your pain. We are here to ease it. We are here to showcase that amputation is definitely not the end of your freedom of mobility. Our prosthetic products are top notched, in engineering and comfort as well. By embedding the latest technology, and imbibing skill, we have incorporated our prosthetic product with maximum functionality.

Our lower limb prosthetic product is dynamic in nature, elegant in appearance and rugged in performance. Our product is equipped with 14 versatile gripping patterns and positions which help you carry your day-to-day work with ease. We have absorbed all the recent advancements in the modern day prosthetics to steer our product to near perfection to aid you in your daily routine, recreational activities and many more.

While the modern-day prosthetics are efficient, they are pricey. Though there are 35 million people who need prosthetics as a whole, a questionable amount of them use prosthetics. The reasons? A hefty sum, product misfit, high maintenance and lack of availability. We aim to provide our prosthetic product at arguably low price and make it affordable to everyone. The product that we intend to provide is highly customized to the needs of the user. Our product is engineered to meet rough works and hence a low maintenance one.

Our Great Features

Our revolutionary product comes with unique and stand out features.

14 Gripping positions

A diversified range of gripping positions to equip the user with unhindered agility.

Firmware Update

No more queuing up for updates, we bring you over the air device updates.

Custom Modes

We offer 4 modes namely Sports mode, Fitness mode, Office mode, Gardening mode which help the user pick the gripping position easily.

Android Supported

Through our Dextrous application, we provide user an imbecile experience.

Smart Battery

Easy rechargeable on fit battery. Percentage of charge can be viewed in the Dextrous application.

Performance Monitor

Monitor the health of the device, functioning of the sensors and motor interface through Dextrous application.

Supports Upto 8 Kgs

Our product equips the user with a capability to lift upto 8kgs of weight effortlessly.

Color Customization

Designed to meet the needs and expectations of every user.

The Mobile Application

Our prosthetic device comes along with “Dextrous- the mobile application”. Through Dexterous, we offer a wide range of services. The user can monitor the health of their device through the Dextrous Application. Viewing battery percentage of the device, checking the functionality of nodes, ensuring proper functioning of the motors can be done through Dextrous Application. One can track the EMG signal diagnostics in the Dextrous Application and then train themselves accordingly. The user can practice the 14 versatile gripping positions that we offer through our application. Over the air firmware update of the device through our Dextrous application is a facilitating factor.

“To see is to believe”. Get to know how our product really works. Drop your request at contact@makershive.io. Our team will contact you soon.