Our Vision

We dream to lead the world into an ecosystem where technology solves social predicaments, creativity and ingenuity are swarmed to meet human aspirations, and inventiveness ensures upheaval of human life standards.

About Us

“The covet to solve, the urge to serve and the yearn to sustain are the ensembles for a trailblazer".

Makers Hive is a syndicate of technically sound people with unwavering minds and undaunted will. With a vision crystal clear, the company strives to solve societal setbacks and communal plights by providing technological solutions. We are well versed in providing contemporary elucidations to primeval problems.

About Us

Our Products and Services

We offer a much diversified line of products and services. We are all about providing indelible services, and products which enrich people’s lives.


Our prosthetic product is engineered to perfection where comfort meets functionality, design meets dexterity and precision meets the price. By incorporating cutting edge technology, we have created a masterpiece meeting perfection.

Evergreen Revolution

One of a kind product-service provision. This is our novel attempt to attain sustainable agricultural environment. This contemporary service is devised by complying with the needs of farmers.


Our drones are an incredible piece of technology with easy maneuvering, dynamic agility, extended flight time, robust frame and many more. We have engulfed the latest trends in technology to build few of the best drones.

Meet Our Creative Team

From the conception of the idea to the inception of our company, these men put in their best to outrun the rest.


CEO, Makers Hive


COO, Makers Hive


CTO, Makers Hive


Director, Makers Hive


Director, Makers Hive

Sai Prasad

Director, Makers Hive


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