Our Story

“Dream, an exaggeration of reality. Plan, a pioneer to vision. Vision, a well-executed dream”. We dared to dream, we’ll strive to serve.

We are an insight come true. Born from the ideation of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Makers Hive is a step to resolve civic predicaments through incisive solutions. Equipped with passion and dedication, Makers Hive was established in the early half of 2018 post tremendous groundwork carried for two years. With technology at one hand and canny brains in the other, we are striving to strengthen the sectors that have been deprived for decades.

To begin with, we chose to solve the unresolved in the Agricultural sector. With the maestro Dr. M. S. Swaminathan backing us, we are working on Ever Green Revolution(EGR)- an aspiration to attain sustainable agriculture. We have several state governments supporting this comprehensive initiative.

We are further into Biomedical and Healthcare industry. The prosthetics that we make are advanced both in the level of comfort and functionality. Several venerable organizations are rendering their continuous support to us.

Not confining ourselves to these sectors, we are also stepping into Exoskeletons for Defense applications where we intend to work on Exo hands, Exo legs and Exo backs. We will be working on Exoskeletons for Paraplegics as well. With abundant technical knowledge and an acute understanding of the market trends, we are emerging as a strong competitor and a stronger company in the field of bionics.


Our Directors

“Life is all about taking risks. An entrepreneur sees no hurdles, instead sees rewards and accolades coming forth.”
Pranav Vempati

CEO, Makers Hive

“Progress lies in developing the underdeveloped, but the challenge lies in developing the undeveloped. A true challenge taker is a true change-maker.”
Philip Thomas

COO, Makers Hive

“I’ve never longed for success. I strove to create and innovate further. Innovations that resolved social anguishes fetched me satisfaction, and thus success followed.”
Harsha Reddy

Director, Makers Hive

"Every entrepreneur is an artist, and his enterprise a masterpiece.”

Director, Makers Hive

“If this world is a family, every member of it deserves undivided attention and unbiased opportunities. I believe in rendering my services to every other in need of them. I believe in empowering the youth struggling to render the same.”
P.M.Sai Prasad

Director, Makers Hive


“Imagination, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility- This is what Makers Hive is all about.”
Ravindra Tangirala

Advisor, Makers Hive

Meet Our Team

Siva Kumar

    Team Lead Electronics Product Development


    Team Lead Software Development


    Creative Head

Keith Trevor James

    Solution Engineer

Chanakya Gone

    Chief Technology Officer

Uday Kiran Lokanadam

    Business Development & Operations Manager


    HR Manager


    Team Lead Mechanical Product Development

Swarna Mohana Chandra Kanth

    Drone Engineer


    Accounts & Admin Assistant

Pavanraj Nedunuri

    Financial Business Analyst

Ramesh Pogula

    Front-End Developer

Venkata Suresh Gopavarapu

    Electronics Support Engineer


    Inventory Assistant


    Team Lead Android Application Development


    Junior 3D Designer

Pranit Uttam

    Embedded Software Engineer


    Mechanical Design and Solution Engineer

LakshmiNarayana Nidadala

    Android Developer

Supreeth Premkumar

    Procurement & Supply Chain Manager


    Finance Executive


    Mechanical Design Engineer

Tarun Tatavarthi

    Android Developer


    Cloud Engineer


    Graphic designer & Social Media Executive

Ananth Rachakonda

    Embedded Software Engineer


    Team Lead UI/UX Design

P. V. Srinath

    Team Lead Drone Design and Development


    Mechanical Design Engineer

Y Siva

    Drone Intern


    Research Analyst & Digital Marketing Intern



Einstein And Sunshine

Mr. Green

Mrs. Green


Reddy Garu